Jan 28, 2012

happy saturday

 The day started like this. 
My DS cooked me an egg 'mc'muffin...
 We could tell it was going to be one of 'those' San Diego days. Warm temps, blue clear sky, glassy water...the reason there are 3,095,313  people here!   (Consider this-Colorado has just over 5 million...for the entire state!)
 Looking North...
 Looking South....I'm enjoying the shadow line right after downloading that one!
It really was this pretty! Please excuse my yacht at the right...the helicopter was on it's pad by the way! (geesh, everyone was looking at it...wonder whose it was?)
 Also, there were two cruise liners in port...both upright.   (I'm sorry forgive me...that was just plain wrong)
We just HAD to see this sculpture..as it is moving on next month! 
awww, just one of those Saturdays. And to think we left Colorado Springs just a month ago after 8" of snow...guess I'm 'warming' up to this Guam theory!


Cathy said...

If you had to leave Colorado, I guess that's the place to be.

Gorgeous place.

zippiknits said...

Agrees with Cathy.


I didn't know the statue was leaving. Drat!