Jan 31, 2012

different type shrines?

 URG...misbehaving photos. One of those things today I just 'can't get right'. I was enjoying Mocking Birds this morning. There were two in the tree fussing. I think one was trying to get 'the nickel out of the back pocket'... if you catch my drift!!!
Here is a relaxing scene from Will Roger's Shrine in Colorado Springs 

Now, you may wonder why there are crossword puzzles among the Shrine's photos... for some reason, it's something I wanted to share. Now this Easy $2.99 Crossword Puzzle book may look pointless, but to me it is a history book that incorporates the past year and ten months of life changes! I bought it in San Diego when I visited my husband the first time after he had transferred from CO. ...EVERY TRIP... daughter's boot-camp graduation, two trips to San Diego, trip to Florida, numerous trips to my parents...and finally back to San Diego.

Every puzzle has a history tidbit concerning who, what, where...
Insight into a passage of time, perhaps, similar to exploring this Shrine.

Sort of a shrine to hold in my hands- to feel closer to those I will miss while in Guam!


Anonymous said...

ah , yes, mockingbirds are fussy and interesting at the same time when they go into their various acts....had alot of them in Pompano...now I have squirrels fussin in the a.m. and ospreys in the dusk time (occasionaly) Cant wait to see whats whistling in Guam!! love, Bill

zippiknits said...

Here, we lost the scrappy, happy,singing mockingbirds to the even scrappier Scrub Jays. I didn't like it but what can you do? Oh, you will find new and exciting birds on the island.

Spam is a real pain in the neck but there's actually a filter on Blogger now that catches almost all of it. I use comment mod for other reasons but that helps,too, with spam.

I really want to see you! I'll email you, as I will be missing a Tuesday.