Dec 8, 2011

cozy evening

 We don't have much.....I keep forgetting to share this- I bought a cute little tree for $4, $3 strand of lights, $2 box of ornaments, and used my knitted scarf as a tree skirt (there's that improvisational thinking I was talking about before) makes me smile.
 I was planning to take it, but I thought...maybe I will put it outside the dumpster area on the 23rd when we move and someone lucky person can have it. BEST of all my talented son brought home a project from Wood Shop Class....a beautiful bird house. Fit's there nicely- It's going with us!!
 Chicken with a peach jelly/garlic/lemon juice/pepper glaze. Fresh chopped up carrots and celery....and added some left over rice from a lemon chicken helper meal. son announced when it was cooking.... 'smell good! thanksgiving dinner'  It really was good for this self-declared hibernating day.
As we ate, this was the view from the couch....if you look closely, I enjoy our Christmas tree lights reflecting.
It was a good day.


Stephanie said...

It does look warm and cozy, I forget...where are you moving to? Someplace where it does not snow I bet!

zippiknits said...

The little tree is so sweet. Perfect size! And that is kind of you to share it with neighbors when you leave.

Magnificent wooden bird house, oh yes, it's a keeper. I hope that he keeps working in wood.

I'm so glad you had a good day. Can I have that chicken recipe? Yum!