Dec 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Well, I'll be completely honest, I am 29  *cough* ok...let me try this again...
I. am. ...happy for many things today... er....ok, ok...
I'm 41 today!
THERE I said it....
This was last years photo, but I don't think I've grey hair is always screaming out because my hair grows so fast. I do color frequently...

 With everything going on...I do have a project going on...wonder what it is? I am smitten with my pink seam ripper!

Well, as usual...Nuggets favorite position...I love her cute back paws...they are starting to have the troll look with the tuffs again. (I usually trim them)
Today was a very nice blustery, cold day. A few snow flurries ordered just for my birthday. I just don't think we see enough snow here in Colorado Springs to my liking, so ...I guess I'll just move to San Diego!
I thank a few blog friends (and friends and family )that wished  me well on Facebook It really made my day. My son had bought me a cake and three holiday earrings :)
Today my mom was accepted for the help of "Hospice De Valle"..the meeting went well today and I'm so very happy. It rests my heart...they are angels sent from God.   It's a very good thing. Family can do a lot, but there are resources from Medicare that sometimes you can't get unless you go through hospice. We can't live in a vacuum and, although, you lovingly try~ it's important for families to ask for outside help.
It was a good day.
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