Dec 9, 2011

next step

I've never used the English Paper Piece Method, but boy is it addicting!!!  I've realized I can only work on it during the bright daylight! SO, in the meantime.....
this was Nugget's response after she was told, "No"........gee, I don't even remember what it was over-I just remember having to capture her sulking look. I mean, oh my goodness...think someone is spoiled....don't worry, she got over it ;)

1 comment:

zippiknits said...

Lol! That's the perfect hangdog look there, Nugget!

I've done one paper pieced block and hated it. It was a long time ago for a group called the Blockheads whom I miss. I need to revisit this paper piecing stuff for quilting. Yours looks terrific!