Oct 3, 2011

Question (?)

I have a question for all my succulent friends out there! I have owned these poor little things for about four years, and I have never seen the 'root' little things come out of the top between the leaves.  (...and, yes, that is a feather I found on our walk stuck into the dirt)

 Here is a closer look!

I have four more days with the district until Fall Break and my self-set termination date.(that word sounds so...ending)
 It's been great and it's gonna be a bittersweet day this Friday. After five school-year starts...you can't help but feel the intensity of such a job...the commitment....the dose of diesel fuel on a cold morning when everyone is out there doing their start-ups and pre-trips....the Falcon wind that maintains its self at 25 (consistently) mph in the winter....the 10 below mornings...the bus that creaks it's so cold until the heaters actual feel warm...the days nothing works, but you know you did it safely...the days that an impatient driver 'flips' you off because they think you are goofing off while off loading at a stop, but little do they know urgent matter had to be handled...but their impatient life is more important than waiting for a child's....the speeding through while red lights are flashing/stop-arm is out-while children wait to be crossed (thank-goodness looking for me to cross them)...the going to sleep at 8pm because 4:15 comes mighty early... yep.....it all melts away when MANY children from another bus route misses you so...that they make a point to come give you a hug and visit you in front of a school.  For the life of me- I couldn't figure out- HOW to drive two buses at a time.


Cathy said...

I'd put the plant in a small pot of pure sand and let it re-root. Do you know what variety that is?

zippiknits said...

This is maybe a eurphorbia, or a Crassula. I'll look it up, but they always send out little roots seeking a landing. I'll go look in that big old book I got last year. brb

I have one almost like it, and it needs more light, and you seem to be watering correctly. When mine gets that tall I usually slice off the top with some of the rootlets on it, and let it make a callus (dry and from a seal, then plant it in a very light mix of 2/3rds pumice, 1/3 potting soil. Dampen once and let it root.

zippiknits said...

The rest of the plant will make a new top. So lovely, these succulents. Always giving! hehe