Oct 16, 2011

It's 'MR. Fox' to you

{a little twisted in the photo}
Above is Nugget's birthday gift that I promised to take a photo of. I know- I'm about two months LATE sharing. Just trying to catch up on things. I might even have some KNITTING content for my next posting!!!

Anyway, she absolutely loves him! Nugget is not a chewer at all...even a rawhide lasts weeks! So, the fluff is not a issue, but I just loved the FLAT look. After her walks, she will POUNCE on him, pick in up and SHAKE him, throw him up in the air, grab him like roadkill, roll over and over ON TOP of him...back and forth. I've actually found Mr. Fox laying ON TOP of HER while she slept!!!!  MR. FOX is a WINNER!!!!
 I suppose the Crazy Critter could be thrown in the wash!


    1. How much do we enjoy watching our dogs having fun! Good for Mr. Fox and Nugget!


    Thank you very much for reading and commenting- Have a Great One!