Sep 24, 2011

Knitting and Crochet Thoughts

Have you ever written a post and left it in 'draft'? I found this one from last Summer...

I'm knitting a 'bee stitch' washcloth. I'm sitting here wondering what goes through other people's mind's as they knit. I wanted to share what goes through my sometimes OCD, spatial minded, concept-mapping way of thinking!

"knit one, knit one below... simple concept...why do I keep forgetting which one I'm on and have to actually LOOK at the last stitch?' "darn it did I just finish a regular knit stitch?"
"ok, the pattern is of four rows repeated....two of which are the 'easy ones' knit across..if I could just get to the third one now..."  "ok, I'm going to finish two batches of the pattern...if I can just get to the last one I will go get my cup of coffee refill" "40 stitches go fast on the more 'difficult' actually goes slower on the 'easy row'  'it's like on a bus route..especially in the afternoon...along the second time on Peterson is when the energy level move UP...if I can just get to Dee's (not real name) will go the quick row to the slow's the next bump to avoid the jerking around...compartmentalizing every move..."

no wonder knitting isn't exactly relaxing to me! I can knit and 'like' to knit, but it's not my forte! Now, get a crochet hook in my hand and all these thoughts go out the window. It's relaxing, but I don't want to be perceived to be making folk-y type know the type...the toilet paper covers. Yet, I  DO have some cotton ready for a BATH MAT ;} I don't want to make crocheted sweaters...I've only made one knitted one...complete chore. (and was too big...I'm too big...I wouldn't be seen out in one!) Of course, I have about three afghans (crochet) in the, I'm not saying that knitting cannot have the same results...but in my mind it can't..maybe it's the using the right and left hand at the same time thing...

I feel like I've come out of the 'yarn drawer' with all this.  I love all small projects. My favorite tend to be the ones that have personality.  My point?  ...don' know...just sayin'...give me an intricate thread doily...AH-HA!!! That's what it is....something about working in the round. Circles. Pi. Topology. Seven Bridges of Konigsberg...........ever play with a two horseshoes chained together? Could you get the ring off and on? It all comes down to natures perfect fractals!!!

I think I'll go get another cup of coffee....



    Try this type of crochet - lots of fun!! The free booklet has lots of doilies and runners to set your imagination flowing!

  2. You are feeling the stress of many things, and giving up the job you love so much is hard.

    Crochet is still the way to make some of the most beautiful things on the planet. Crochet and by happy, relaxed, and proud of what you make. Honestly, it isn't all about knitting.

    Sending lots and lotsLOTS of hugs from here...

  3. (this is so funny, you found it in your drafts!)


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