Oct 17, 2011


 {Last week's visit to my parents house}
 {It started to snow...yes, that is the true incline their house is on!}
{...and isn't this just the cutest??? Makes my heart melt! Go ahead..just click on it!}

I'm enjoying my minimalist way lately. Before the packers came, after the sale of my home, I knew I would be displaced for a certain number of months. That range of months have gone from 9 months to now 4 months-which can certainly be a post for a later time! Either way, I knew before things were packed that I needed key items to live, although, most of my household goods were shipped to storage in San Diego.

 I literally, from my carefully planned out list, threw everything in the car and drove it to the new apartment. I knew full well what was on that list should be (a) used up or (b)given away. This contractual thought in my head has led me to living a minimalist way. Through minimalism- improvident behavior has arose!

In this nice, new apartment came squeaky doors!
(a) go buy a $3 can of WD40...which I would have to give away if I wasn't willing to fit in my over-packed lil' black car  -or-
(b) use olive oil (that the movers couldn't pack and that I was to 'use up')
Worked like a charm!

Napkins! ...ok, how expensive could that be?  BUT- I have two rolls of paper towels that I had brought over from the house.  Fold over each sheet and cut neatly in half  -wa-la- cute little paper napkins!

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sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Paula,
The visit to your parents house sounds very nice! Love the snow photos, principally these beautiful and cutest creatures.

Yes, it's great to have a minimalist way of life.

Have a pleasant Sunday.
Many hugs.