Oct 23, 2011

Please sit down!

Well, I guess you would be sitting down already, but *SHOCK* I have a FINISHED knitting project! A snowboarder's hat for my son!  The best compliment I received was from him- 'That looks just like the ones at Dick's' (local sporting goods store) He loves it and wears it everywhere!

One thing I don't think I've ever shared....my Dad is quite creative as well! He has made all the railings around 1/2 the cabin!  This photo was of my son helping him in this last part of the construction. My son was able to do most of the cutting...they both worked on the placement.

This part took a better part of about 5 hours...(this is unstained) and it wasn't exactly warm that day!

October's Full Moon...at my parents home (view off front porch)

Well, Tues. night into Wed. we are suppose to get a true snow storm   (vs. the little flaky thing we had earlier this month) We are looking forward to that...so the 'batten down the hatches' feeling is arising within !! 
not really...I don't even have a snow shovel!! (in storage- San Diego!) I guess I don't need one living in an apartment ;)


Woven Spun said...

Love the hat, PJ. What pattern did you use?

Cathy said...

Love the hat! Absolute compliment from a son to not only wear it but to compare it favorably to store-bought!!

Your parents cabin and the railings are absolutely breathtaking. What memories your children will share!