Sep 6, 2011

What a month August was...but now it's September

Nugget was a tad depressed with the move.... but soon she has turned around. She is especially enjoying all the walks. There is a park nearby that I take her too in the morning after my route and we have 'bubble time' (she loves chasing bubble I blow)  and today I brought the she got her rolling in the grass time!  (now that we don't have a yard)

I STILL have a mountain view...of course, a lot more traffic noise though :(
..and, no, we don't know what that corner store is going to be?
 Good-bye house...many great were a good house to us and we loved you. We closed on it August 26th..................must move on. new bedroom view. (looking south)

All our belongings are safely waiting in storage in San Diego now! So, in the meantime, we have our rented furniture and some Goodwill kitchen items. I did have to buy a new toaster!  This simple time is allowing me to realize how much we don't NEED what we have..... BUT you have to have Mr. Fox ;)  Nuggets favorite toy that is laying on the floor that looks like roadkill!


Lorette said...

Big changes for you again! I like your mountain view!

zippiknits said...

A room with a view! Well, one room with a really nice view of the mountain and one that gives you a great view of the southern end of the range.

To Nugget, you are everything. She will be happy as long as you are there to love her. Dog's have it right! hehe

Big Hugs, PJ! It will be lovely to see you and maybe we can knit together, too!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi dear Paula,
Beautiful your new bedroom view!
I am glad that lovely Nugget is okay with the new home.
Kisses to you both.

Cathy said...

Such a tough move but the views remain incredible!

To have your heart and your belongings elsewhere means you are a gypsy and can enjoy each day as it is.

Anonymous said...

these are the good ol' will handle thigs in the future expertly on account of handling things in the past...I think LOVE ,a guy named Bill