Aug 16, 2011

One Day

Details-details-details! I figure in eight days I can breathe...the moving to an apartment, the packers, the moving company truck, and then the closing. OH, and guess who is coming 'home' for a short while? SO very happy about that! I feel so out of the loop...of course, work has started back as well....and in a very different manner than ever before, so the details with that continue on and on.  One day- I will breathe. One day- I will read my favorite blogs. One day- I will connect with every one's fur-babies, lives, & crafts. In the meantime, please know I miss our connections!  
Side note: after a rain storm today...a quick peek at the peak- there was a light covering of SNOW!


  1. Glad everything is coming together for you. I was on vacation when your house went under contract. Congratulations!

  2. Dear friend, one day at a time. Take it easy. It all will be allright.

  3. I'm SO excited for you! It's wonderful that your certain someone is coming home for a bit! It's all working out well,me thinks. :o)


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