Sep 17, 2011

To Anyone that works with other people's kiddos! (warning: involved post)

This post I dedicate to dedicated teachers out there! My own thought on it is this...if you do it right, it's hard hard work!!  (I feel the same about parenting and even bus-driving)   ....and some have the talent and some don't. (period)

I got this video from Dispatch from LA....(her care, pondering, and photos are awesome!)

This reminds me of what I do with busing- in support of education. Not everyone can do it. There are many doing it...but when you can get a nice dynamic it works...  BUT in the end when there are budget constraints, bottom lines.... looking at the people that are worthy and doing it right-rarely taking sick days, many factors over-run that and ,sadly, in the end it really doesn't matter.

As my job is coming to an end...there is a lot of pondering going on! Unfortunately, prematurely, before I was able to make my strategic move the opponent made theirs. My route was taken away from me... it was said 'with new exciting stuff ahead..'  (more like- left over work...may have weeks of not having a route!) hmmm...what does that mean? 'new and exciting stuff ahead'

Correction, 'what is new and exciting stuff ahead' is moving back to San Diego! meeting my husband as he comes around in his new ship! going to a first ever commissioning ceremony of a US NAVAL VESSEL! seeing my daughters navy career begin and possibly be stationed in San Diego as well!

...really makes what occurred above - is SMALL.  ....but my dream was never small and it was a good one..I will miss many good people. I learned a lot: regarding myself and others on so many levels! I'm absolutely blessed to be able to walk away...some are not going to be so lucky. This school district is an example of what is happening in America today on all levels....and it's a sad-sad thing....  it IS over for me in my head (sure I have a 'job' to go to on monday), and hopefully I will hold out until just after Fall break!  We will be staying here until Christmas break for my son. I'm coming around to the thought, I will have blog and crochet time after all :)'s all good. They just won't take care of my kids like I do...just sayin'  HA!...or just maybe....I got a little too attached! After all, it is just busing. But I cannot help but think that quiet shy little boy that told me yesterday morning that he was going to be Captain America for Halloween...he was heard...he was cared for...he was not tossed around like the rest of us.

Our district got rid of 50 teachers end of last year...
you know, 'innovation to education'  I just love that buzz word- 'innovation' IE.. Race to the Top REFORM. [look it up] What happens to the states that don't win the grants?...oh,'s governmental conformity..they will be 'forced' to.

I would like to think whenever I have grand kids, I can look back at it and go 'oh, that really worked!' Not to be negative, but somehow I just don't think that's gonna happen.
SO, in the meantime for all the educators that are doing it right...with that hazy target above them. It's for the kiddos... after all, that Captain America that just got off my bus might be the next president!    
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