Sep 20, 2011

Need a Change

One of Pikes Peaks Lake (North Slope) peaceful......

 As Fall is coming upon reminds me I need a change! HA...certainly there is change in the upcoming weeks. I felt like a Fall background, but not sure if I like it. Perhaps it will grow on me. Please excuse my indecisive changes that there may be coming on my blog!

 Pensacola Pier in the Gulf of Mexico....peaceful... 
When I get stressed I yearn for nature.
Random cloud photo...the hazy of color was beautiful...I wish I had a de-compressing place at the moment. As nice as the apartment is not 'mentally comfortable' Too close to the road...maybe some feng shui issues...I do not practice that, but I DO feel there is a balance in stuff....and I'm not feeling it, unfortunately, in too many places of my life right now. Even my crafts are feeling like red-headed step children! (whoever came up with that saying, I don't know...I think truly red hair is pretty!) Kind of like 'easy as pie' pie easy?

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  1. Such beautiful serenity. Thanks for sharing your photos and your thoughts on knitting/crochet, and fractals! You inspire me to start working again on the round table cloth that is an old, old,old project.

    And, blogs are always a work in progress. I'm sort of jealous because I can't figure out how to get out of the box that blogger makes for people. I love your autumn theme!


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