Aug 5, 2011

Exhibit A

ah-HA!!! SOMEONE had something in her mouth!!!! She was so embarrassed she 'dropped it' when I commanded.....then pretended that she didn't see it.   Now, the ONLY way to get such a thing was to get 'into' the tree and grab one!  George Washington may not have cut down the cherry tree, but Nugget does steal Apples!

OK, I need help. I have been a forever love of classic literature and have many in my library...many are older copies. Long story short, I have The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas that is a very heavy book and with a move...I wanted a lighter weight book.  So, go to my local used book store and found it in a smaller (still thick) lighter weight book. Come home...look at the chapter I was on...NO!... condensed version! How can I tell it is either abridged or unabridged...if it doesn't say so anywhere in the book? Even my online search on the matter is not getting me anywhere.
She wouldn't look me in the eye! I have nothing else to do or worry about!  I'm SO glad this week is almost over...this first week at work has been a mess with the routes, but I see a lot of faces I know that have moved on to middle school-they were happy to see me and that made me feel good! :)  Need to secure my apartment soon. The moving company, that the govt. has decided to use, have already contacted me!!
IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING???     my mind has not wrapped around this yet.....

[YESTERDAY was NUGGET's 7th BIRTHDAY! (I will share the toy we gave her!)]


  1. Miss Molly waves hello and says Happy Birthday to Mr Nugget!

  2. Happy Birthday Dear Nugget, Happy Birthday to yip yip youooooooooo

    if it's condensed, it's abridged. But, Send books ahead to friends to keep? Can you do that?

  3. A Very Happy Birthday, dear Nugget!!! You are so lovely, so adorable!!!
    A big kiss to you!!!


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