Jul 3, 2011

Random Summer Stuff

 Tomorrow we will be the farthest from the Sun...Did you know Phoenix yesterday surpassed it's record at 118 degrees....and 4000 people were without power?
 I really try not to embarrass my blonde dog....

[we didn't get rain, but I love when the clouds make our mountain range have the 3D look and you can see all the foothills that are actually there!..clickable to get a closer look]

So, I took this quiz and failed miserably!!  It's the National Geographic website, so there was a pop-up that my browsers stopped...just to let you know-otherwise thought provoking.   WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT GAS PRICES?

{...she was rolling around in the grass and one piece stuck...it just didn't seem to bother her at all!!!}


zippiknits said...

Wolfie was just ecstatic yesterday rolling around the grass on Shelter Island. He's a grass roller, too. Go, Nugget! You pretty girl you! Wolf sends a Whistle.

I got only five right on that quiz. It's kind of embarrassing, since I can rant about it all the time and feel relieved of my angst. lol

Stephanie said...

I love this photo of your dog with a piece of grass stuck to her...Olive does this, has random pieces of grass or dirt or leaves stuck on her.

Smorg said...

Argggh. Apparently I hardly knew anything about gas price either. :oP Thanks for the quiz, though. I've gotta explore National Geographic more! :o)

And you have the cutest golden retriever around!