Jun 21, 2011

You know when emotions and events just bombard your mind from self and others? I call my summer my hibernation...quite opposite of a bear!  The warm sun soothes me as I sit out looking at a mountain that actually received a layer of snow yesterday!

Somehow this photo of my Australian Pine resembles exactly how I feel...I wish I could put it into words, but I fall short.

Last time I checked....she is a DOG, but I'm thinking we have a blonde Giraffe! (sorry for the pole-through the window)

Some times this is EXACTLY what you need:

 My son's double dipped in egg and garlic breadcrumbs...so juicy and tender! I mean, really, click on it and you will drool!

Comfort food at it's best!!!! ...hey, there's a veggie in there!
 Forgive me, my favorite blog writers..I will try to get back to my reading!
Happy Summer!


Anonymous said...

Love you my dear Friend! Thinking of you, and will have to chat soon!
Love Tracy

zippiknits said...

Yummy stuff! Happy Summer to you, too, PJ. Love that little tea kettle, too.

I laughed out loud about Nugget's giraffe like skills, and the picture of the rock in front of the shadow of the little tree is just so amazing. Very Zen!

Take care Luv!

Sandra said...

Comfort food! Just what we need some days. Mine is ice cream.

Love your tea pot.