Jul 13, 2011


 My two children ~ shadows long as my want for what was.
 Absolutely gorgeous color hibiscus ~ from a state that I was born in.
Pensacola Beach, Florida~ some dunes respected on the sugar white sand

Almost a week for the four of us to be together.....

~My husband went back to MS to be with the brand new naval ship until it comes to San Diego....needless to say, that time period been delayed until April 2011

~My daughter has completed her first year in the Navy...continues in her long schooling in FL

~My son and I got on a couple of airplanes back to CO.
        May 20, 2011 is the last day of school next year...as well as my work.

It's been a long time since I went somewhere and the idea of 'going home' wasn't thrilling.....I did miss Nugget, but she had fun....but somehow our 'home' feels like a 'house' and I feel guilty of that.
She hasn't sold (not for a lack of showings..now we've been 'second place' three times...which in reality is last)....trying to believe there is a Reason ~

I wish I could have bottled the 'after a rain, muggy, evening in Florida' smell. Brings back so many memories...I could see myself living in Florida again!


  1. You must miss them very much. It is very hard when the children grow up and "fly away". Such a bitter sweet time it is. Things gets easier to accept as time and other things fill your time.

    Hope you get more look-ins and a buyer for the house so that you can have everything fall perfectly into place for the move.

    I saw a big yellow bus in a movie and thought of you. They always make me smile now because of knowing you. A sweet connection.

  2. Florida is a nice place to live indeed. I used to visit my aunts and uncles there on summer vacation.

    About your question. I don't back the towel, so just try to stitch as neat as possible. Even though it's not perfect is neat enough. Thanks for visiting my blog ;o)

  3. Oh... such a longing - I know whereof you are. The blessing for me now is my son's daughter - for some reason her shadow hand in hand with her father's soothed that empty place.

  4. yeah...Fl is pretty cool they say


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