Jul 13, 2011


 My two children ~ shadows long as my want for what was.
 Absolutely gorgeous color hibiscus ~ from a state that I was born in.
Pensacola Beach, Florida~ some dunes respected on the sugar white sand

Almost a week for the four of us to be together.....

~My husband went back to MS to be with the brand new naval ship until it comes to San Diego....needless to say, that time period been delayed until April 2011

~My daughter has completed her first year in the Navy...continues in her long schooling in FL

~My son and I got on a couple of airplanes back to CO.
        May 20, 2011 is the last day of school next year...as well as my work.

It's been a long time since I went somewhere and the idea of 'going home' wasn't thrilling.....I did miss Nugget, but she had fun....but somehow our 'home' feels like a 'house' and I feel guilty of that.
She hasn't sold (not for a lack of showings..now we've been 'second place' three times...which in reality is last)....trying to believe there is a Reason ~

I wish I could have bottled the 'after a rain, muggy, evening in Florida' smell. Brings back so many memories...I could see myself living in Florida again!
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