May 28, 2011

Here, but not

 "Stay over there!!"  I've been watching these swallows at intersections seemingly dive bombing cars....[a Google image shown here-I thought it was funny!]
 yet another position Nugget assumes...
 ...the fuzzy feet prompted up against the table leg! fuzzy troll feet!
 my latest love...KALE...shown with an egg, yellow squash, zucchini, bacon, with cheese and Mrs. Dash!!!
Have you ever had a broken garage door spring?
 Well, there you have it...and it was LOUD when it POPPED!!!    $159 later...problem fixed by a expert door guy who explained to me exactly how this works and "this happens more often than you think!"  ...the 'funny' of the whole thing is that it happen AFTER my cute little black car was IN the garage!!!

 I guess I've been under a rock all these years, but do you know how difficult it is to get an automatic garage door UP without the power?   My son had  to struggle to get a board under to have about an inch to lift with both hands and HOLD it up...  as I drove my car OUT!    You see, when a automatic garage door is down the spring (there's in this case- the good one) is TAUNT.

 Stupidest excuse why a person couldn't get to work:  'couldn't get my car out of the garage"

YEP, I've been busy, but, moreover, last day of school was YESTERDAY! ...always a bittersweet fourth school year of 100% incident free transporting the most precious cargo in the world- other people's kids!!!!!  -an absolute success-
It's officially SUMMER VACATION!!!!
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