May 28, 2011

Here, but not

 "Stay over there!!"  I've been watching these swallows at intersections seemingly dive bombing cars....[a Google image shown here-I thought it was funny!]
 yet another position Nugget assumes...
 ...the fuzzy feet prompted up against the table leg! fuzzy troll feet!
 my latest love...KALE...shown with an egg, yellow squash, zucchini, bacon, with cheese and Mrs. Dash!!!
Have you ever had a broken garage door spring?
 Well, there you have it...and it was LOUD when it POPPED!!!    $159 later...problem fixed by a expert door guy who explained to me exactly how this works and "this happens more often than you think!"  ...the 'funny' of the whole thing is that it happen AFTER my cute little black car was IN the garage!!!

 I guess I've been under a rock all these years, but do you know how difficult it is to get an automatic garage door UP without the power?   My son had  to struggle to get a board under to have about an inch to lift with both hands and HOLD it up...  as I drove my car OUT!    You see, when a automatic garage door is down the spring (there's in this case- the good one) is TAUNT.

 Stupidest excuse why a person couldn't get to work:  'couldn't get my car out of the garage"

YEP, I've been busy, but, moreover, last day of school was YESTERDAY! ...always a bittersweet fourth school year of 100% incident free transporting the most precious cargo in the world- other people's kids!!!!!  -an absolute success-
It's officially SUMMER VACATION!!!!


  1. Nugget looks always adorable!

    Congratulations, Paula, for your "fourth school year of 100% incident free transporting the most precious cargo in the world- other people's kids!"

    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Hi Paula,
    Yes I have experiences the garage door spring breaking. A job for the professionals, that's for sure. You can really hurt yourself because those springs are strong! You are lucky you could get your car out!
    Kale is not my favorite, but Whole Foods sells a nice Kale salad that my sister-in-law brought on Easter. It certainly is VERY green!

    Hope all is well with you. Love the photos of Nugget. I was dog-sitting for the grand-dogs (2 Beagles) on Saturday...what fun they are!

    Take care,

  3. That food group there looks delicious. I love Kale. Used to grow it and eat it right out of the garden.

    I'm glad that you got your car out of the garage and that it is now official, "Summer Vacation!" Yay!

  4. Summer vacation is so cool!! Well, we are supposed to be 92 today so maybe cool is not the word!

    Love the swallows - I had barn swallows at the farm - divebomb when I walked into the barn. And the babies peeping over the nests - priceless!!

    Have a great summer - and I know how many parents must thank you for driving so well!!

  5. Sorry about your garage door,that must be awful. Glad you could fix it.

    Congrats on your fourth year of success Paula, enjoy your summer break, mine will start on August 1st, can't hardly wait.

    BTW Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. Mmmm. Kale.
    I love leafy green veggies - kale, spinach, escarole - and I have since I was little. Odd, huh?

  7. Cool! I used to have a family of barn swallows nested under my roof overhang. They are really a bunch of sky acrobats! If I could be reborn a bird, I think I'd like to be a barn swallow. :oD

    And that's a yummy looking plate of kale and cheese, too. Don't know if you've tried it, but you'd probably like the Swiss pizokel ( ).



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