May 1, 2011

I Just Can't Get Enough

 For my love of birds, I decided to do a 'bird mosaic' this morning: These were from random things I found on Flickr..very inspiring crochet birds! That one 'flat' crocheted bird...the lady had made many and put them together in an afghan!  ...wait a minute- it's so neat, it's worth looking up and sharing...

Nugget approves. We have a robin 'trying' to make a nest under a porch beam...failing miserably. So funny to watch...the bird will continue even with the dog outside and what is so remarkable- Nugget just watches as well!!
enjoying some golden rays!
 I could only hope to blend color as well as these tulips do! I put this picture as my computer screen background!
 You can just SEE the flowers smiling in the sun...can't you???

 Hello, little Bee...I'm SO glad you stopped by!!!
 Just noticed the TOUCH of color on the edges.  ahhh, yummy stuff.
.....and I just can't get enough... Perfect for May 1st!
Oh, I found that bird afghan!


Vik said...

I love the bird mosaic! The crochet owl on the left corner and the flat bird are so cute! Nugget is a King! You are right those wonderful tulips -incredible colors!- are smiling under the sun!

Cathy said...

Love the flowers and the bird afghan - it's so much to fun to see!

And gosh - the driveway - what a hard choice it is to make to remove a tree but location is always something to think about when planting small trees! They won't stay small long!

zippiknits said...

The flowers all look just delicious, like candy! Love the bird mosaic. How do you do that, they are terrific! And Nugget is a bird watcher, hehe Way to go Nugget! She is waiting to retrieve if you give the command I bet. just kidding!