Mar 30, 2011

What I hold on to...

I'm reading three books right now...
DAKOTA HOME by Debbie Macomber
LEE- THE LAST YEARS by Charles Bracelen flood

Have you ever drafted a post, came back to edit it, and completely forgot the reasoning behind it? My life tends to run like this lately. My 'thinking' and my 'doing' aren't aligning as I think it should.

Husband has left back to San Diego...only to turn around in a week and trek his way to Alabama and Mississippi (remember how you learned to spell that word in elementary school?) He is driving...because he is bringing a fellow colleague's boat to him in MS...where their real ship (the USS San Diego scroll down-there are great photos of the progress!) is finishing up. She is in the water and fully made...just have to get the details on and set up. After about five weeks he will than go to Birmingham, AL for a special school that will be an extra plus for his career. After that, he will return to MS and remain on his ship until they bring her around to San Diego. When? Well, if everything is on time -November 2011- hmmm...he left here June 2010-I think you get the picture.

....meanwhile, I'll be trying to sell my (our) house in Colorado, finish up my son's school well as my own year with the district, and move back to San Diego!

Now....this is from the nutshell. The emotions surrounding it all???  Well, you really probably have come to see cute little dog pictures, finished knit/crochet projects, or landscape pictures. The emotions of it all are messy.

Debbie Macomber are easy reads...easy is good especially when millions of ping-pong balls are bouncing around in my mind. 'Lee-The Last Year' is a book I gave my Dad..he took many years to read, but than raved about it and encouraged me to read ten years later from the start of the cycle, it is in my hands. An interesting read. Lastly, a Jelly Roll Quilt book...this is my plan- first thing I will make in San Diego (whenever I get there and unpacked) I want to make one!


Woven Spun said...

Military Life....ahhh....the joys and the perils. Retirement, for us, is looming and I have a mixed bag of emotions. Sad, yet relieved that there won't be another deployment.

Cathy said...

It's an adventure - that's for sure.

Good luck with everything!!

Shelley L. Snyder said...

You definitely sound busy! Don't think I've heard of any of those books, but looking forward to seeing your quilt when you get it finished after your move!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Yes, I agree with Cathy, it's an great adventure. Good luck to all the family.
Nugget looks adorable as always!

zippiknits said...

I think of you every day and always hope it's going well for you. Soon all this will be behind you and DH and you will be together with your son out in the sunshine and 100 degree weather. "Oh joy", you say? hehe Just stay within five miles of the coast and it will be good. Hugs!