Mar 27, 2011

...Afterall, it IS Spring!

My Spring Break, with my husband here until next week,  is proving to have a healthy dose of relaxation and creative endeavors!

Tweet met someone while she was away! 
Meet Twitter!

Side Note:
Changing colors in the round -I was having trouble getting the side you don't see to have the decrease orange like the side you see. The beginning of the color change no was at the end of the color change .I'm thinking it has something to do with 'in the round'....(?)

Here's something different out of my sketch book.

I sketched this hummingbird from a jigsaw puzzle picture.
Oil pastels/pen

...just an abstract viewpoint.


Lorette said...

Tweet & Twitter are very cute!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Sounds you and your husband had a nice time! It's great to have a "healthy dose of relaxation and creative endeavors!"

Thanks for your nice comment on my sunset photo!

María Elena said...

Hi Paula, have a good spring break. The crocheted birds are wonderful .

Vik said...

Spring is in the air! I love the birds couple! Good job!

zippiknits said...

Cute little nestling look there. Adorable!

I really love the sketch. It's lovely! Soon you will be able to put up hummingbird feeders and get tons of the little devils dive bombing each other. hehe