Apr 1, 2011

Take Over by Nugget the Golden Retriever!!!

 "I wish there was more snow to play in, but Spring is coming! Mama's bulbs are growing..something yellow is comin' out of this one...Mama seems happy that the grass is starting to turn green. She says I 'bring in' too much dead grass into the house. She always frowns when I'm rolling in it, but it feels so good.
 for some reason she was takin' all these pictures while I was trying to sleep...but I just put up with it...somethin' about this 'adorable hair on the tip of my ear'.  She's weird.
She sometimes calls my back paws 'elf paws' I have no idea what she is talking about.
I was thinking maybe I should get a Facebook account...if I did, I would use this as my profile picture...or maybe I'll just continue to get my beauty sleep without my Mama's camera up my nose-yes, it's long...that's something else she always points out to me. Like I said- she's weird, but when she's happy-I'm happy. April Fool's! I'll let her have her blog back!"


sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Nugget!
Love to know what you are thinking!
You are so lovely.
I am your big fan, a really big admirer, do you know that?
Great photos, Mom!

zippiknits said...

Oh Nugget, you are so adorable! Wolfie sends his fond regards to you, la bella Nuggette! Oh yes, and .... Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful post Nugget! Paula, wonderful camara work:) Love ya! Tracy

Shelley L. Snyder said...

Haha! Great post! Nugget, I have some friends who have created facebook accounts for their dogs and cats, so you could ask your Mom to set one up for you...