Nov 6, 2010

Your Extra Hour?

[this was written Saturday]
What can you really do with an 'extra' hour? I suppose the first thing I think of is -sleep-. That little five letter word. This morning I awoke at 5:07am. Sleeping in by 27 minutes! It wasn't planned...I was thinking that 7:07am would have been nice. (that would have been 'late' for me) So, what did I do? Well, I cuddled under the covers until about 5:50am and decided to start the day. Truly I am a morning person. I like to be up when the world is still sleeping. My son was still asleep. My husband was probably already on the arrive sometime TODAY! (the true reason I didn't sleep in) Anyhow, I did something I normally would not have done. I OPENED the blinds as if the sun was shining bright.

(notice the irregularity/color of the 550pcs. turned out to be a very difficult puzzle!)

When I let Nugget out, I went out as well...and looked back. Now, in the past, I had bus routes that I was out and about before the sun came up. I would see windows open. Not that I'm a peeping Tom or anything, but I can't help but glance in...what do they have on the walls? Why are they up? Getting ready for school or work themselves? Do they have the same thoughts of there spaces of their homes as I do? So, I peered back into my own house this morning. Home. Yes, home is where your planted....especially in my life....but, this has been something different. After 20 years of military lifestyle, I had let my 'where your planted' roots were firmly in the soil. This past year I have had to realize my salty sailor husband is not done. I've been detached in my thinking, detached from doing things I love (reading, crocheting, knitting, quilting, blogging...) not only because of the last 6 months, but the last year with my mom's battle with colon cancer. By the way, after a year all the scans are negative! Just trying to get strength back. I noticed I am only blogging when I feel something negative. This is not my intent...

(this one is gonna be glued!)

I was pleased looking back from the shadows into my house. It looked homey, it looked comfortable... it looked like a place I would want to be in. Unfortunately, it reminded me why I don't want to leave it. Can I replicate it? Of course. I always have. I feel like I've come to a huge speed bump in the bus. As I slowly try to go over it, there is a second that you might roll forward over it or roll backward and not get over it. My mind is going forward, but my heart is rolling backwards!

My simple joys are still there. I quietly made some coffee, worked on a jigsaw puzzle, and gathered some catalogs & magazines and my mindless, yet comforting, afghan I've been working on during the past months. I prepared a place on the couch where I would go after some chores. Meanwhile, the darkness of the sky slowly showed the shadow of the mountain range. I thoroughly enjoyed the hour and half you have to watch 'America the Beautiful' peak turn from black to grey to pink to purple!

To have missed that hour for sleep, well..... it would have been a waste!


Vik said...

What a nice post, I enjoyed reading it... maybe tomorrow I wake up earlier...!

Cathy said...

Very nice!

It's so hard to move on when you have made a home. You'll take all of us with you, always!

zippiknits said...

"My mind is going forward, but my heart is rolling backwards!"

Ah, I know that feeling. I hope you will find a lovely place for your home in San Diego, if that's where you are landing....

Hugs! And that is a beautiful puzzle!