Nov 5, 2010

Never Ending Roller Coaster!

(Blanca Peak, Little Bear, & Mt. Lindsey view from Ft. Garland, CO San Luis Valley)

Today this is what I posted on my Facebook:

OK....breathe....revamp.....thinking about what we are hubby is almost home- for 7 days- thank God. The Afghanistan thing: CANCELLED!

It's a roller coaster of emotions...DH was had started his travels! RV packed, final bill paid, about 200 miles into it. He was heading home! They called him on the road at around 7pm! Of course, this is good news....but after 18 days of getting mentally prepared, full medical screenings, setting things up, a plane ticket back...etc. etc. Definitely out a few pennies!

Thanks Navy.

Of course, the reverse is wonderful news. But please stop the roller coaster- I need to catch my breathe a sec! Anyhow, at about 8pm he got off an exit and drove back to get his SPOT back....Decided we needed this Leave time (more than ever) and continued back HOME with just his truck. Well, 'home' for a little bit. We'll see what occurs in the next 6 months!


Vik said...

Clapping my hands here! Wonderful news, PJ!

Elaine said...


sonia a. mascaro said...

Great news, Paula!
Big hug to you both.

Sue said...

Yay for good news, but sorry for the rollercoaster!

zippiknits said...

WOW! What a great surprise in the phone call! I'm way beyond happy for you and your wonderful DH. Into delirious you might say... Whew!