Nov 13, 2010

There IS a Husband!

There he is! A much needed time from the emotional roller-coaster of the past few months! I want to thank each and everyone of my readers..for their comments, care, and thoughts for me! It means more than you know! This beautiful tiki was from an artist that is my BROTHER! He makes wonderful tikis...this particular one is for my husband with a Navy Chief's skull...there are so many details...every time you look at it, you see something else!

So, onward we go- this morning DH left to drive back to San Diego to continue his duties as Senior Chief on the PCS SAN DIEGO....(not to training then Afghanistan) so that is a great feeling.'s that 'leaving'....alone once more.

I'm trying not to mope around the house. Got the menu together for a grocery trip on Monday (incl. some vittles for Thanksgiving for my son and I) and then finished up some little chores. It is not reaching more than 37 degrees out, I have the 'fire' on, reading my blogs...don't you love when you have your notebook at hand and write down some blogs you want to come back to and really study?

So, as I wallow in my's Home Alone II, cozy fire, computer....

a book Three Weeks with my Brother
enjoying the toys in the catalog The Vermont Country Store
loving the look in The Country House catalog
considering this Dose of Diversity

I think this will all buffer my feelings this chilly November day!


  1. Hi Paula!
    Great photo of your husband with the tiki created by your brother.

    I hope you all have a nice Sunday!

    Thanks for your comment on my old photos. Yes, the time go too fast...

  2. What a nice post! Great pictures! I mean, your DH, the tiki and that beautiful heaven!
    Thank you for your comment on Paul McCartney´s concert!


Thank you very much for reading and commenting- Have a Great One!