Oct 31, 2010


Scary II
my grim reaper from Creepy Cute crochet book Oct 09

I scared 'ya...didn't I? Happy Halloween to all you goblins out there!
I have the 'good' candy this year, so any kids that may rap on my door will be getting ONE piece vs. the 'junk' candy that you can get more of, but truly my kids end up throwing away! ...I mean, who really likes 'laughy taffy' vs. Baby ruth, Crunch, or Butterfinger?
my kids... hmmm.... I catch myself doing that. One is on her own and the other is 14. Where are the days when they were something like 5 and 9? :( It's that HALF-empty nest syndrome that I have going on!!!
Anyhow, I'm just so surprised we haven't received snow yet! Either we are going to get nailed this winter or be a long dry cold one..... I think I'm off to make myself a DEVIL!

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