Jul 4, 2010

Nature had the Last Word

Happy 4th of July America!
My son is great with the grill!
Even though we live in Colorado Springs...our neighborhood is specifically in 'the County'...so fireworks are legal. I have to admit..I'm not a firework person unless it's a professionally done or a show at Disney World. Otherwise, they make me nervous. We have some neighbors that spend hundreds...even driving to Wyoming for some that aren't for sale in Colorado. Again, maybe I'm missing the point-I don't get it. So, I take a shower enjoying my 'quietness' in there and then I hear heavy rain, lightening, and thunder. Now, it hasn't rained in about three months! As I'm about to do a little dance or something...then I hear HAIL...in Colorado -hail is no joke- We move some stuff aside and get my daughters car inside the garage...thankfully.

My crop of spinach didn't do so well... it's amazing how sad this makes me. Oh, and my first blooms for my lilies was today.

Here is a piece of hail with a cell phone! But as quick as it came through, the storm moved out and we are back to the continuous hard, deep popping of these major fireworks...that resemble bomb noises.
Somehow, I enjoy nature noises better....uh...I here some more rain!

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Cathy said...

I watered the gardens thinking all the storms would stay south of us. Severe storm to the north created outflow straight line winds and rain - 3" of rain in 2 hrs for us.

And the fireworks all around us went on - including the town's display. In the rain. With people with kids in strollers.

I tell you - I don't get it either.