Jul 1, 2010

Cloud Shadows

I could see owning some land/home and called my 'ranch'- Cloud Shadows! Probably not unique, but such views conjures up special feelings. Kind of like seeing a plane's shadow going over you and think that is a 'dragon shadow'!
Knitting and reading! This is a project that, for whatever reason, took 5 tries to get going! Of course, it was yours truly, that read the instructions incorrectly! Can't see it yet, but it's a series of cable twists.

One thing I am getting correct is a very small plot of SPINACH!
OK, I know we are a Navy family and I am married to Popeye, but this is one vegetable that I love to eat raw...or steamed...yum! I don't know why it took me so long to try my green thumb at growing this stuff for myself, but ...I'm quite proud of my 'crop'!
Have you ever written a post and get thoroughly involved with what you are looking up?
...the good 'ol days of real CARTOONS!!!!

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