Jul 6, 2010


[WARNING: a very hyperlinked post..I do hope there is something for everyone to enjoy!]
Back east with total TREES, you don't have this unique situation, but it's an absolutely intriguing thing out west. This lone tree along Hwy. 160 going west towards La Veta Pass has captured my attention for many, many years! It signifies resilience ... loniness ...strength ...vulnerablity ... endurance ... I feel like this tree. I am this tree.

Lone trees, lighthouses (although they are man-made), views, rocks, clouds, even that lone weed that somehow grows strong and green through a crack where nothing else lives...

then a smack of modern things about made me cry...on the other side of the same road - where a lone wooden WINDMILL once stood...is a solar panel!! wind energy vs. sun energy... but there is just something romantic about the lone western windmill. gone...forgotten...replaced...
perhaps Tree enjoyed the movement, sound (?) of his swirling friend across the way? Before I forget, in the background is Goemmer Butte (photo version)....for those of you who want a more geology base explanation please click here, if I'm not mistaken, this area is a 'failed' rift! Of course, that left interesting outcroppings- not a failure in my eyes ;) I have a RIFT facinaction! I will show you another when we start our ROADTRIP soon!

Up La Veta Pass we go and look what we see? Herbie goes camping??
adorable. cute. leads to my vintage camper fascination. Think I found one here!
ah, well...our home away from home is definitely just that.
Back to 'what I found'!!! I am a list maker. I love lists. I even have a book list and a 'to do' list on my Yahoo home page! I have a list in my journal, a menu list, list of projects... Bubba Gump of lists! I have found Tuex Duex! Aside from the catchy name...it works just like a real list! Guess what? I found a LIST of all the Colorado mountain passes! (I've been over most esp. as a child- I loved them back then, too.) The photos of the passes that he linked are just breathtaking....reminds me why yearly Colorado license plates are expensive...a lot of these passes are -open- during the winter. I'm guessing it's not cheap to maintain all these roads. Look at I-70-of course, that gets federal money as well....the beginning of our ROADTRIP will soon take us over the Continential Divide along I-70. We do 'cheat' by going through the Eisenhower Tunnel!
The view from a gas station in Fort Garland. (May 2010)
Another thing I found was Grooveshark....a great user-friendly music interface!
Of course, it led to a long post with numerous hyperlinks ;) I'm putting my lone tree shot as my desktop background...have a wonderful day!

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