Jun 1, 2010

What did we do Memorial Day Weekend?

First, a trip to Denver to pick up our niece came from GA -this was a surprise for my daughter(my niece is going to Macon State....and just heard news she was accepted in the nursing program!!! WOO-HOO! (she is a junior)

Second, we had four of the cutest kids come (my friend from Loveland, CO)

Then off to ......our daughters high school graduation!!!!! (can't see it, but she had Converse on!) Let's please review ....who needed the tissue more!? (uh-um.....my husband)

The proud 'little' brother...

Then last, but not least....my daughter's 18th birthday! Then another trip to Denver to say goodbye to our niece today....we already missed you!!!!! (Nugget even looked for you tonight)

Whew! An awesome emtional tireness, but I think I could crash right now.............

Through it all-we did not forget those that gave their lives for us all!

So!....how was your weekend?


  1. Oh my, oh my! Beauty!

    I'm so happy for the Graduate, aka the Birthday Girl, and the whole beautiful family.

    Congratulations to your DD and your Niece. Wowzer!

  2. Congratulations to the graduate! Way To Go!

  3. Time goes by... It´s life...! What an emotional post (I need a Kleenex too!)


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