May 19, 2010

An Amazing Young Lady

My Dear Daughter...days are coming down to the wire. Through the busy times...of getting your brother set up for the summer -try-out for high-school baseball...he made it as catcher! Also, getting ready for summer marching band for his freshman year. WHAT? His middle school years are over? So between all the 'lasts'- last concerts, last fun school activities, the last visit to World Arena- this time in CAP & GOWN... Your going out as your brother is going in. Even though you may not realize it, you have been a great role model for your 'baby brother'! On top of this, with Daddy going to San Diego to finish his great Naval career, you are going to carry forth this pride with your choice to join the Navy! Words can not express how proud I am of you. In July when I witness your swearing-in to serve your country, a place I stood about 20 years ago, I will be so proud. You are a smart, beautiful, and very independent young lady with an important milestone that will pass in a few days. I may be a I already am writing this. I'm sooo proud of you and will miss you sooooooo much... our talks, our craft store visits, our lunches, our book are such a neat person. Of course, sometimes I have that imagine when I let you go to didn't look back, but as you embark on being a young adult...don't you look back! You got a hold on this world and I'll be wherever you are!
So, Happy Graduation and Happy 18th Birthday, my little girl.
I saw a Western Kingbird yesterday morning (photo taken from Google Images)


Elaine said...

Congratulations to your daughter and your family.

Cathy said...

Oh my, she's going to fly off into the big world. How proud you all must be of her!

The sighting of the Western Kingbird seems very appropriate, too.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Congratulations to your lovely daughter and to all the family, Paula! Are she going to join the Navy? It's just GREAT! Really you all are very proud indeed!

Anonymous said...

SOB!!!! God truely belssed you with your family! N is a wonderful young woman and I remember her in Kindergarden what an independant little girl she was. Even at 3 she was like that! You have raised a strong,independant woman! SO proud of her! Love you! Tracy

Vik said...

A great daugther must have a super great mother! Congratulations then to both of you!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Paula,
I have the pleasure to invite you to know my first grandchild, Daniel.
This is the link: Daniel


Anonymous said...
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MarĂ­a Elena said...

Hi Paula, congratulations to your daughter!
Your flowers and works are beautiful, I love your cross stitch.

zippiknits said...

I know you will miss her.

I had tears in my eyes as I read your post and just really lost it came to the bird, as we know we always are talking, as mothers, how we give our children both roots and wings, the wings being for when they fly away into their new lives.

Beautiful post, beautiful daughter, beautiful mother.