Jun 4, 2010

A New Day

Might be a simple thing, but I've never taken my net-book outside to compose a post...plein-aire posting! So, while the porch is in the shade...
Well, my husband got off nicely yesterday and is traveling through Tucson right now. My daughter is enjoying being the 'co-pilot'. It was hard saying good-bye because it felt so sudden and permanent, but as life proves...things are not permanent. We are planning a trip out to San Diego mid-July!
Choices...this is a difficult choice for us-husband to finish up his career without us moving with him. It's called 'geo-bachelor' in the military. My son and I are staying here. Of course, the reality is (hey, a cottonwood fluff landed on my keyboard) is that selling our home is out of the question right now in today's market, stability for my son staying in the same high school, and, of course, I have the type of job that I'm off at great times! SO! Although this will be difficult at times..... it's for the greater good.
I still can't get over that this bird is a female red winged black bird!

*admin note* I keep getting a Japanese spam comment even with the little code at the end when you comment, so I've taken that off and went to comment moderation.


teabird said...

What a difficult choice! And yet, as you say, the greater good - including for your husband, who will have a stable home when he has finished his service.

I just enabled some comment mod for the same reason. That Japanese spam isb izarre, isn't it?

Vik said...

You´ll work it out! Hugs!