May 9, 2010

It's My Day

Above is one of my Mother's Day gifts- a Satsuki Azalea...and flowers from my neighbors bush :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there! It's a cozy little feeling, but EVERYDAY is really mother's day...even down to the laundry--if I wasn't a mother it wouldn't be there...not in the quantity that is! ...but they are older and often times do it themselves :( but it's a :) knowing my children are becoming independent. It's a balance, you know? Your feeling of wanting to do for them..because they are your children and I am a mother...but then you know you can stifle positive independent energy if you do too much.

Mama Bee busy this day...
Today I have my mug of coffee (french roast) and magazines!! I'm in heaven, I have a stack of older craft magazines, specifically: Living with Quilts, Amer. Patchworking & Quilting, Home Companion, and Quilter's World. I want to keep all, but wanted to look through before putting away in my NEAT craft room! On the other side, I have April's issues of: National Geographic (the WATER one), Smithsonian , and Discover. None of which are the type to just flip through! Lastly, on my left, I have my Fall Breck's catalog. I would love to get some apricot tulip bulbs! and my collection of knitting and crocheted dishcloths pattern booklets. I'm looking for a design that would go good with a solid Sugar 'n Cream color I picked up at Micheal's yesterday! I may use the free tulip pattern on the site. Not exactly 'blue' tulips, but This is my inspiration for this!

I'm reading my favorite blogs this morning. Sometimes I get bitten by the Facebook bug and I don't get over to my fav blogs or just don't want anything to do with a computer, but today I can't get enough of it! ...and there is nothing like reading great blogs. Sometimes I've over the one-liners in's lacking-not heart filling.. becomes shallow. Oddly after my red doily, I do not have a craft project going on. I have WIPs, but nothing active. I'm too busy with the end of school-work and home...I'm too busy mentally trying to 'get ready' for everything. Between the 8th grade graduation, Senior graduation, hubby moving to San Diego, and daughter leaving to the Navy

Don't you love her eyelashes? It's a beautiful day out...

I WILL LEAVE YOU WITH THIS: I am a closet fan of vintage trailers! THIS blog made me jump on the couch!!!!! (well, not quite, but the ironic thing will be in the next blog post!!!)


  1. Hope you had a wonderful! mothers day...thank you for your visit, it's always fun to connect with fellow Coloradoans!


  2. Hi Paula,
    Love your Satsuki Azalea! Also beautiful these flowers from your neighbors. And Nugget...ah! Love Nugget!

    I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!
    Kisses and hugs!

  3. Gorgeous pictures Paula! Thank you for sharing your wonderful flowers and thoughts.


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