Mar 20, 2010

If you wonder

For those that wonder..I'm here, but I'm not here.
My father had an accident and was in the hospital for a week and a half (ended up with a hip replacement). My mother who has colon cancer and is taking chemo is at home and cannot travel. My brother has flown out from FL to help out for two weeks is going back tomorrow (it's just my brother and I). We have worked in shifts and I take over this next week. (my spring break, so won't be missing work) they live in an impossible area (La Veta Pass area) the snow is by the foot..the driveway is like a medium rated ski slope. they are 45 miles from anything. they don't get they need to make their life's very trying times at the moment. A lot more than this, but this is it in a nutshell.....
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