Mar 29, 2010

Dickens Thoughts

From the Third Book in Hard Times:
....For I am sensible that it may not have been a part of my system to invite any confidence of that kind. I have proved my-my system to myself, and I have rigidly administered it; and I must bear the responsibility of its failures. I only entreat you to believe, my favourite child, I have meant to do right.' staggering over the universe with his rusty stiff-legged compasses, he had meant to do great things. Within the limits of his short tether he had tumbled about, annihilation the flowers of existence with greater singleness of purpose than many of the blatant personages whose company he kept.
This was Louisa's father describing his support, but not really knowing how. Of course, this was from his Unitarian rule or Facts he lived by... but it spoke to me on other subjects.

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