Feb 12, 2010

Icicle Perceptions

Just imagine of the perception of the size of that icicle if you lived in that house?
Icicle lace.

A round piece of glass.

A 14,000 ft. mountain. A 14" icicle.....perceptions.
For my continuation of purging my zones, or you may call it, Spring Cleaning...I've found a LIST!
For those of you that love lists, THIS spoke to what I think, but fail to be able to put it in writing!
Again, indulge my concentrations on perceptions one last time: I could be driving THIS !


sonia a. mascaro said...

Love your icicle photos!

Just incredible this Bicycle School Bus! Thanks for the link, I put it in my favorites.

Have a nice weekend.

Susan said...

Icicles are beautiful! As I remember from childhood, they don't taste very good, though!

Vik said...

Amazing pics!