Feb 8, 2010

Feb. Wish

Ahhh, the Winter sunsets...Please don't mind the cloud. That is partially man made from a place in downtown Co. Springs...actually I don't know. Maybe one of my CO readers know?
Then it looks like this....

Sneak peek at my project that I'm working on!
Dear Colorado,
One of the reason I moved here is for the snow. I know some locations in the state are getting their share, but we aren't! I can't even buy a full snow day this year! ..and to think my blog friends look like THIS! ..and THIS the Mid-Atlantic states are wondering how much more...and here I sit watching adorable little snowflakes that don't amount to anything more than a nuisance for early morning accidents that I have to detour. The buses do great-it's everyone else on the road that I'm worried about! If it's going to snow, SNOW...give something to show for it!
Weather man just stated, "This will be outta here tomorrow, but slick roads remain....news at 10"
Here is the WINNER for me!


  1. Steam cloud from the downtown Colorado Springs Electrical Utility generator.

  2. We are having bunch of snow since this morning and schools in most cities have been closed today... Wish you were here to enjoy snow unlike me.. (lol)

  3. Great winter sunsets, Paula!
    Love snows pictures,too.
    I would love to visit you some day...
    Nice project!



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