Feb 16, 2010


I have no picture. I have no picture because what I saw today I could not take a picture of!
I'm driving around in my bus...I had just picked up my first elementary stop-onload went perfectly. Everyone (about 25 children) went to their assigned seat promptly and sat down perfectly. Love cold days for this reason, for everyone wants to get in, sit down, and get warm ;) [it was 7 degrees this morning in my car]

So, I'm driving along Meadowbrook Drive and come to the three way stop and what do I see????
A STOP SIGN COZY! It was plain as could be to me at my level! A red knitted cozy wrapped the pole at about 12" down from the stop sign....about 5 to 6" wide with a white felt heart sewed on it with black thread!

As you know (but many people don't do it), when you stop at a stop sign, you must be behind the sign (regardless of location of the line, curb, fence, etc.) and a good rule of thumb is stopping long enough to spell "s-t-o-p"
I saw quite plainly that the stop sign had a knitted cozy around it's pole!
crazy...by the way, it was a garter stitch! Though an older article this is what I found. A form of urban tagging?

...looking forward to see if it's still there this afternoon!!

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Suzanna said...

That is so nice...stop signs must get cold too. Being a stop sign might not always be fun.