Jan 14, 2010


After my route this morning (which starts at 5:50 am gate time and ends gate time of 8:30 am...if you are interested to know), I came home and in my in-box was this email regarding THIS ! Ah, right up my alley at this time from one of the favorite websites I've shared. Of course, I take it one step more! It's not necessarily about putting stuff in places, but not having all the stuff in the first place! I call it 'zoning'. In my journal I actually write all the different places that I need to go through...and even draw pictures if need be.
Right now I have completed:
  • "Under the kitchen sink" (waaaay too many glass things that I've kept through the yrs)
  • "Put all my CD back-ups on a usb thumb drive" (that was TIME CONSUMING!)
  • "Go through the cabinet under the TV in family room"
  • "Clear off computer desk"

These may sound like small things, but instead of looking at the entire room, breaking it down into zones works better for me.

The goal is 'if I haven't used it in three years' toss it! Through the years of moving, I would do this before every move because I didn't want to unpack a box of clutter. I'm coming up on a dilemma! I'm not moving anymore, but my internal 'order' is calling! Under that TV cabinet we had three usb cables! You know the ones-with a small end and a larger end at the other side...that comes in every electronic box. To throw or give away various things just absolutely neatens things up and gives me that satisfying feeling in my mind!

Where are your zones?

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