Jan 15, 2010

1st FO

OK, I can tell everyone is over the 'new year' thing...but I'm not. I think it's amazing it's 2010! Of course, I have reasons for that. Meanwhile, I have FINISHED my first project for the year! BUT- I cannot show you because it's a gift! It's in a beautiful bowl that my daughter made at school!

"Looook at my mustache!" Becoming a wise retriever! (?) She still hasn't figured out how to clean her nose prints off the glass!!!
.....aaaahhhhh, geez...the videos of Haiti... I know a lot of people say things, but I heard something like there is evidence that there is a 99% chance of a 7.0 or more to Los Angeles in the next 6 years.... these things are just powerless issues for us humans on our Earth!


sonia a. mascaro said...

Really a beautiful bowl!

Love Nugget as you know!

It's very, very sad the tragedy on Haiti.

Deana said...

Great looking bowl! And can you believe the things people like Pat R say? When the day comes for California I am sure he will blame them and say God is punishing them too. How awful.