Jan 9, 2010

More Admin Stuff...

It's amazing how much time you can waste on the computer! Today I came from under my rock and made a Facebook account and added a badge to my blog. Sadly, I think the FB and the R place has been the latest whirlpool that are catching people from spending time with the 'old' blogging! It takes a care to really read someones blog and ponder what they are saying.....where as the tweet or twitter, FB, and such...are the one liners. It's the extension of the mobile texting... Somehow my brain just doesn't work like that...so, this was a stretch for me to do this [ facebook] I know, I know- the 3 degrees of separation between us all is just fascinating... I'm not being negative- just sayin'.... so I'm blog-ish about it at the moment ;}

ANYWAY, so, I've taken many precious hours of the day to do that above and then went to another brand new experience! A Self-Serve Dog Wash! (...where you can also wash your car!) Nugget wasn't impressed...of course, her owner's spine spared since the cool 'back of a pick-up' tub was at perfect height and who can forget --the warm water....still Nugget wasn't impressed...After all, ANY respectable water retriever really wouldn't care if the water was almost frozen!!!

The only thing I can leave you with is THIS.......which is a PERFECT explanation of my goal this year!!
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