Sep 17, 2009

Why this is important...I don't know, but it IS!

The first light snow fall on Pikes Peak! I don't know why this excites me...notice the very green trees, but it's a sign. My favorite time of year is Spring and Fall! Fall reminds me of Spring in a way...I want to clean, I want to organize, school has started, job has started back, those adorable scarecrows are luring me everywhere I go once more... I have my three lawn ones ready and purchased yet a few more small table ones know those stores...just line them up- Joann, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby.
Micheal and Joann are close friends off mine - they cost me though.... they are always needing my money for some reason!

How to enjoy a picnic in the rain!

These are a couple of old buildings in down town Colorado Springs! I'm not exactly into (knowledgeable) architecture, but love old buildings- especially of the west because when compared to the East coast....these are 'newer' buildings......if you know what I mean?

Almost completed my green doily, but the round next to last has 110 clusters...I have 60 more to go!
Meanwhile, I think I've solved a pet peeve of mine! I hate all those cards/ads that are in magazines! Before I read them, I must rip them all out! One night, I went to bed with four of my favorite magazines...just to rip out all the 'blow-ins' (I think that is what they actually call them) I held all this PAPER in my hand before throwing them away and thought, 'What a WASTE!'
So, I decided to make a small altered journal out of it all! Not rushing it. I'll work on it whenever I feel prompted to....trying to determine whether it should have a theme...maybe a name fore the journal would help? Any ideas? Perhaps my 'Fall' journal, but that sounds stale....Thinking I should have some creative angle to it.

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