Sep 12, 2009

My Need for Color

A Garden of God visit last Labor Day. (well worth watching this video!)

At first, I was disappointed by the weather...

...but it certainly gave a different and wonderful perspective...

on these beautiful sandstone forms!

Look how those rocks made my doily pop!!!
Today is a first fall-like day...comfortably gloomy with a high in the 50's.
One of those days to have a nice cup of java, clean off the top of my desk, finish the three rounds left of the above doily, read some craft books that are piled waiting for me. If you are interested I will even take the time to list my pile:

Taking Flight

Knit Along with Debbie Macomber a yummy series

The Railroaders (Old West- Time Life Books)

Miniature Punchneedle Embroidery

Books that Changed the World

Creepy Cute Crochet

and various catalogs- LL Bean, Herrschners, High Country Gardens, and some 'great courses' college lectures. One more thing- an 'Antelope Island State Park' pamphlet from Utah....

AH, yes, I'm set for a WONDERFUL gloomy Saturday!


Before I leave is color that is filling me this morning!!!!


do you mind if i knit




  1. Great photos, Paula!

    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos. I'd never heard of Garden of the Gods before. Definitely someplace I would love to visit.
    The doily is great. I'm a novice at crochet, so when I see a beautiful doily in a thrift store, I nab it up. I always wonder about the person who made it.

  3. That would be perfect weather for me! And for taking photos. Bright sunshine is cheerful, but hard to get good photos of scenery. Your pictures are great!


Thank you very much for reading and commenting- Have a Great One!