Sep 19, 2009

Need Help!

Have this crazy notion to join a crochet along! I have all this Wool-Ease...which I love, for it works smoothly and feels so soft! (I think the green on the end is not...I believe it's another brand and a tad thicker) So, let the auditions began:


I'm inspired by all the sunflowers living their last weeks here in Colorado as we approach Fall.



THAT is my $1 kaleidoscope for looking at the combination of the colors! I like 'red', but everything in my house has that accent...I don't think I like this one...

If you see any more combos - let me know!
I want to attach the blocks with a dark color...I'm thinking on that...


  1. I like the orange/yellow/green combo. If the connection color is a small amount between blocks, a dark brown or darker green, might work. Or maybe blue sky connection, lighter on one end, darker on the other?? What pattern block are you using?

  2. A kaleidoscope! You just explained why people use one. Heavens, but I'm dense.

  3. Hi! I was trying to choos my color scheme and I think I will go with another colorful creation, with all my yarns instead of choosing only three colors.

    All yours are spectacular and it's really hard to decide, but if I nust, then I like color combo #2, and if you like a different combo, then I like the lighter green, is the thickness too different?

    I'll be posting my prototypes later.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments! I'll add you to my blogroll, will be back.

    Hugs from Venezuela!!!

  4. I love the most the #1 picture/color.

    Love your header, beautiful view and color!

    Thanks for your nice comment on Flora's post. I would like if she meet Nugget! (LOL)

  5. I think I like 1 the best and 2 is a close second. I do have to say I like the green from the very first pi the one all the way on the end...Funny you are with yarn like I am with material. Tracy

  6. I like #2. If I had to choose another combo, it would be the dark green, purple, and gray (is it gray? Or white?).

  7. I like #2 the bestest of all :)

  8. I like color combo #3. I have a thing for bright colors these days!


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