Sep 23, 2009

Answer to the PMS Problem



I cannot have the second one.... I am operating machinery and vehicles.

Don't think those little cute morsels went into the BOWL!!!!

Recipe: 1 c. semi-sweet chocolate

ONE CUP????? You've got to be kidding! Notice the bag...

Guess which one will be mine????

Did you guess correctly?


Ok, so it's not good for my waist or thighs.......think of it this way- it's legal for me to drive a school bus with a cookie in my system vs. Pamprin and so I have kept many kids and other drivers SAFE!!!!

cookie wins.
By the way...I need one more voter concerning my yarn colors...we have a tie between #1 & #2!


Anonymous said...

They Look so Good!!!!!Send some along!... Tracy

Deana said...

The cookies would win for me too!