Sep 7, 2009

It's Been a Month!

I think of blogging, I want to catch up with my fav blogs, I take pictures to share on my blog, but it's been a month! Where have I been? Since we start school about a month earlier than everyone else, I'm well into my comfortable routine.
My favorite time of year- CO State Fair! [all photos are clickable] just made them smaller so I can jam pack them in this post ;)
The babies make the Fair!

The CRAFTS are the best part! I always have this dream to enter my work...if I was to finish everything on time! This one got 'Best of Show' photos don't do it justice as everything is behind glass...

I have a tender heart for Raggedy Ann, so seeing these two cuties...they were only about 4" tall!

My favorite corner....usually not the show stopper of the building...most observers are at the wood working or train section (which was just as wonderful), but I have plenty of time to ponder these delicate handicrafts!

ahhhh, these things just make my heart melt. Something about a doily. In the craft stores when I see those 'cheap' ones for a dollar- I really can't even look at them all thrown into a pile on the shelf... the time/effort in making a REAL doily is absolutely priceless and those blue ribbons look so good to honor them! THEN it's the quilts....This one above was of State Flowers!
Below is 'Best of Show'- it really took your breathe away.

THEN there is mine. I pulled out my queen size 'Road to California' quilt, have made some lines, filled up some bobbins... there is hope. It's been six years or so. There are reasons. Sure, I could go on and on about moving numerous times between the time from FL to CA, but truly it's something deeper. My beloved Pug Sally was with me as I pieced this together and would lay all over my work like a cat. Seeing Nugget's's almost a 'respectful' look she has and you know what for the couple of hours it was on the floor, not once did she step upon it! I must go on with this quilt....for a have special plans for it.

In the passing days, we had this gorgeous moth inside the house. It freaked everyone out, but me. After two days we finally got it out of the house safely. Anyone have a species I would love to hear!

Another completed project! I finally painted my small decorative bird houses!

This $4.99 item I always wanted, but wouldn't pay that price. Patience work with the store Micheal's or JoAnn. It was finally .99 cents! I've had this little bird for years I put him in it with the lid closed. He was so upset being in a here is the new look for the bird!

With all the awful California fires....that smoke travels miles!

This lasted for about four days. We finally got some moisture and it settled it!


Sue said...

Lovely photos of the doilies and other handicrafts. I really must get back to crocheting.

Your moth is an Underwing, but I'm not sure which one without seeing the hind wings. The genus is Catocala, if you want to look up more pics. They sure are gorgeous!

Lorette said...

Very lovely photos of the Fair projects!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great photos, Paula!

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, principally for the Birthday of Sofia.
Many hugs to you!

Deana said...

It just gets hard to post sometimes but thanks for sharing the fair photos. What a cool cow up top! I like your red quilt, very pretty. Nuggett modeling it for you makes it even better looking!

Anonymous said...

Wow! nice photos of the fair! What a lot of gorgeous doilies!!!
I love your RTC quilt. Hope you will eventually finish it someday!! Good work!