Aug 7, 2009

Gold Rush

Back driving for another year! I have 'seniors' only from my daughters high school (because of the new high school I drove for last year...the seniors are finishing up at their original school)'s a long route with 11 stops, but I have a whole 20 students so far! An hour layover and the same route for my Elementary I had last year. Great to see the same faces and they immediately know what I that was great to see. I don't have to figure everyone out...I know them :)

So, I was thinking of sketching/journaling..aside from cleaning my bus during that period of time! This year is going to be a sweet year. Just as well ..since my daughter is a Senior... 'I just let her go to Kindergarten last year didn't I?' keeps running through my mind.

This was an eerie sight the other NIGHT...the sun had set over the mountains and thunderstorm was in the area...yet this blue sky patch over the mountains were showing through! I love seeing weather. Maybe in another life I'll be a meteorologist...

What I know is this: Dog paws make me smile....esp. hers!
Nugget turned 5 years old this week!

This was when she was 3 months old.
This was the same morning we picked her up from her parents. (Nugget is in the the middle-purple collar looking over the ocean in San Diego) I do miss Dog Beach very much....
She is absolutely our California Golden Nugget!!!
She still has that look when she is looking off the porch over her 'land'... little 'Coconut Eyes', 'Fluffy Butt', 'Nuggy', 'Nugget Wugget', 'Nougat' know all the pet-names you have for your dear fur ones!
...and she does understand the, "Did you f-e-d the d-o-g?"

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