Apr 19, 2009


Ok, folks... not my best work, but I whisper that because I don't want Robert to hear that! This is a major WISP. Took me forever! I didn't like the pattern's wording and had to re-word the way I understood. This is also the first project of this kind for me. 'Smaller' projects are not necessarily easier...actually, more difficult when it comes to knitting for me. I felt like I had two left hands throughout this project. I learned many things, so I'm not disappointed nor scared off, so I was actually looking in the book from which Robert came from (he's on the cover!)...to make another bear! Not right now, but for a later time and use some of my left over yarn.
In the meantime, I'm working on my OTHER wisps that I have. I'm behind in my 'project a month' wisp projects, but I'm not feeling discouraged because finishing Robert is so exciting for me. Don't worry, he will not be naked forever...I'm knitting the red vest for him!
Robert has a cute expression and he is a little unsure of himself at that moment, but with time and when my son arrival from Chicago (where his percussion group performed yesterday at THIS ...please scroll down to the 5th picture and you will see his group!!!! ) and when he finds Robert on his bed.....Robert will feel bigger than life!


  1. Robert is adorable! Good for you. It's so hard to work with directions you don't understand. Well, your hard work paid off :)

  2. I like it very very much!!!

  3. Robert the Bear is just gorgeous.


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