Apr 30, 2009


April showers bring May flowers! (the biggest flakes I've ever seen!)

I just love these...these are my second year bulbs. Love the pointy-fresh look and the blue-green foliage.

I just can't help myself...some say a weed... it really is the perfect yellow though!

These are first year bulbs and I THOUGHT on the package it said - 'late-summer' (hmm?)

This is my Red, White, and Blue garden area. Look closely and you will see, obviously, the red in the back, white smaller blooms in the middle and blue up front! My tribute for America's troops!!!

I SAW A BLACK FOX! Out of the Red Fox population...black is 10% according to this! NOW, I know why I wake up so early for my job! Did I have a camera? of course not! It was a mama Vixen and her two kits. One red and one black...all with that adorable white tip on the end of their tails...they all stopped and stared at me as I had stopped my car in the middle of the street!
As the days wind down- 20 more school days to go- it always seem this time period is very distracting and busy and my attention is heightened. I'm behind three WISPS for project of the month and I know that...my goal is to finish those three wisps in May... this is just a very distracting time of the year :)


  1. I know...what's the deal with this long spring in Colorado!? You've got some beautiful flowers there.:)

  2. Lovely flowers! The power of nature!

  3. Wow, I have never seen a fox in person. Only on tv. Very cool

    Love your pretty flowers!


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